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Suitable for all skin types
All Infusion treatments are provided with Microdermabrasion or Fruit Acid Peel and 
BIO Photorejuvenation.

Rejuvenating Infusion                                                                                                  $ 180

This combination of Electroporation needle free infusing technology and Collagen and Stem cells serum is perfect for dull, dry, or dehydrated skin that lacks that dewy glow.

 Brightening and whitening Infusion                                                                         $ 185

Botanical brighteners and super concentrated Vitamin C with the signature Bio hydrating serum to balance uneven skin pigmentation and leave skin radiant.

Anti Acne Infusion                                                                                                          $ 185

Soothing botanicals naturally help reduce bacteria to calm inflammation and redness. Helps control excessive cellular build-up and oil production while calming and refining skin.This treatment offers also deep cleansing of congested pores and deep cleansing soothing mask.

Botox Like - ATX muscle relaxing and lifting serum  - add to any Infusion            $40

This skin-smoothing complex targets the areas of facial muscle contractions to smooth out the appearance of the lines and depth of wrinkles. Derived from natural amino acids, experience visible line smoothing without needles.

Combination Infusions                                                                                                 POA

If you have multiple skin conditions or areas of concern your therapist can tailor a treatment to you combining two or more Oxygen  Infusions to give you instant visible results.

Advanced Facial Treatments

Consultation                                                                                                                     $ 45

An experienced therapist will help to choose a suitable treatment and recommend a home care regimen for a particular concern of skin or body for individual needs of client and will explain how the treatment is provided and what benefits it will bring to client's skin or body.

Collagen Induction Treatment                                                                                     $ 345

is 90 min treatment tailored just for those who wants beat the time and gravity with our highly educated skin experts. This is the most effective premier Lipoderm Clinic skin treatment. Experience the ultimate in rejuvenation  and watch your skin transform with the use of  professional tools, medical grade products and therapeutical hyperbaric oxygen.
Take a oportunity to try this unique treatment and watch your face to transform into that one you had a 10 years ago. 

 Microdermabrasion Treatment   with Collagen serum  $ 125             4 treatments    $500
                                                                                       with Collagen serum Infusion  $ 165

Combine the latest non invasive resurfacing technique using modern technology with specific therapies to achieve maximum visual result.

Acne treatment                                                                                                                 $ 90

The deapest cleanse for an oily and congested skin to treat both teenagers and adults, leaving a clean fresh feeling, followed with the oil balancing infusion.
Course of 4 treatments                                                                                                     $ 280

Dr. Skin Treatment                                                                                                          $ 170

An intense treatment for skins presenting any signs of fine lines or wrinkles, sun damage, enlarged pores, coarse texture or hyperpigmentation.
Course of 6 treatments                                                                                                     $ 840

Vmax Lift                                                                                                                    from $ 350

This is a “must have“ treatment for aged sagging skin and facial muscles. It tightens skin and slack muscles and restore vitality and elasticity of the skin. Beat the gravity and aging with full face and neck HIFU Vmax treatment.
full face                                                                                                                            $ 1250 
full face and neck                                                                                                             $ 1850

Medical Grade Peel with Collagen and Stem Cell Serum                                           $ 145

Get most  smooth  skin  with this our most popular quick  treatment.   Medical Grade  Peel  is newest  natural powerfull peel that shreds years off your face.   You get most glowing and plumped skin with LED Light Photorejuvenation  & the Collagen and Stem Cell serum infusion for  additional $40. We use a number of different medical grade peels in Lipoderm Clinic with differenet strength and combinations of acids like  Alfa Hydroxy acid, Lactic Acid, Glycolic acid, Beta Hydroxy acid from natural sources like an apple, cherry, pineappe, pumpkin, milk and more. Our therapist will recommend a right peel for every client on personal consultation prior the treatment.

Aqua Laser                                                                                                                       $ 550

This is a treatment with a result like a laser resurfacing  without painful laser shots and red  swallen skin. It is Medical Grade very deep peel usually provided after a course of 4-6 Medical Grade Peels. Years can be taken off your face without a "knife".

Heavenly Roses                                                                                    $145

Transcend your soul with relaxing massage using a red rose oil and divine aromatic facial treatment - all touch with no tech! 
With a focus on relaxing the mind and rebalancing the body, you will be enveloped in our Signature Stress Relieving Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage to unravel muscle tension and mental fatigue. To complete this experience a Rose  Facial Treatment will be custom designed using hight strength botanical extracts, aromatic red rose facial massage cream and rose hydrating mask to leave your skin radiant, supple and soothed. No machines are used during this treatment, just the incredible therapeutic hands of your therapist.

Permanent  Make – up   

Brows                                                                                                                                 $ 550
Top or Lover Eye Liner                                                                                                     $ 350
Top & Lover Eye Liner                                                                                                      $ 600
Lip Liner                                                                                                                             $ 350
Full Lips                                                                                                                              $ 650

Tattoo Removal

Price P/A     
Small area about 5x5cm                                                                                       $ 70 - $ 100

Body Treatments


Slimming treatments will eliminate and shrink your unwanted fat cells. 
Suitable for fat removal and cellulite management. Result is instant. 3 different technologies available.

Lipo Laser 20 min                                                                                                             $ 200
​X Sculpt  30 min             1 handle                   $250                           2 handles                $300   

TRADITIONAL BACK MASSAGE                                                              30 min             $ 45
TRADITIONAL FULL BODY MASSAGE                                                    60 min             $ 80
LOMI LOMI FULL BODY MASSAGE                                                         120 min           $150

Permanent Hair Reduction

Depilar & Laser Hair Reduction is suitable for all skin type including very dark skin and all hair type including light, red orgray hair.
In Lipoderm Clinic we provide the latest  Permanent Hair Removal technique using Depilar System and Diode Laser 808. 4-6 treatments 6weeks appart is recommended.
Eyebrows (Depilar System only)                      $ 49
Lip                                                                        $ 49
Chin                                                                      $ 49
Neck                                                                     $ 49
Full  Face without. Eyebrows                            $ 79
Underarms                                                           $ 49
Feet and Toes                                                     $ 49
Hands and Fingers                                             $ 49
Bikini line                                                             $ 49
Female Brazilian                                                 $ 79
Female Tummy                                                    $ 49
Half Arm                                                               $ 79
Full Arm                                                                $ 99
Half Leg                                                              $129
Full Leg                                                               $199
Male only:
Chest                                                                    $ 79
Stomach                                                               $ 79
Quarter Back                                                       $ 59
Half Back                                                             $ 79
Full Back                                                            $ 149

* Some prices can be increased for extra large areas*

Gorgeous Eyes by Jos - best Brow Technician in the town

Gorgeous Eyes Package (Lash Tint + Brow Tint & Shape)  
Individual treatment                 $55
within 2 weeks                         $25
within 3 weeks                         $35

Lash Tint                                 $20
Brow Tint                                 $15  
Brow Shape                            $30                  
​Brow Tidy up                           $15

Booking Fee    $50
Booking fee will secure an appointment to a new client. 
This fee also applies for those clients who wish to book a new appointment after a cancellation of each hour started in less than 24 hours prior to original appointment .                                  


 $125 only