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How it works

The  Diode Laser 808: The Light travels through the skin to the base of the follicle where it is absorbed by the pigment surrounding the hair follicles. The hair follicles are progressively damaged and can no longer grow hair. Our lasers use an exceptional cooling system of laser head to cool the skin each time the laser pulses. This unique cooling allows us to use high laser energy without damaging the skin. Laser Hair Removal in Lipoderm Clinic has been described as a comfortable painless treatment. No any numbing cream application is required or recommended.

The Depilar System™ uses the latest in advanced scientific research to offer an effective and affordable method for the reduction of unwanted body hair for all sexes, races, hair colors, and hair types.

Using the research and experience from previous generations of enzyme-based hair removal, Danish scientists have combined the proteins Trypsin and Chymotrypsin in the Depilar System™. This enhanced enzyme-based formula provides efficacy rates exceeding other products of its kind on the market, including previous generations of enzyme-based hair removal and costly laser treatments.

This advanced technology is simple to use, and yields results that are anything but ordinary. An in-salon treatment performed by professional beauty therapists, the Depilar System is used directly after a waxing or tweezing to target and break down hair follicles.

Hair growth facts

Hair growth is classified in three stages: the anagen, catagen and telogen phases. During the anagen phase the papilla cells connect with the base of the hair follicle and cause hair growth. On average at any one time approximately 20% of the body’s hair follicles are in the anagen phase. During this phase when the growing hair is removed by waxing or tweezing the papilla cells are exposed. Through the empty hair follicle the Depilar System can reach these cells break them down and thus inhibit hair growth. The catagen phase is when the papilla cells retract from the follicle and the hair ceases to grow further. The telogen phase is when the body expels the dead hair. During the catagen and telogen phases, the Depilar System is ineffective on those specific hair follicles as the papilla cells are unexposed and unreachable.

Often clients who are unaccustomed to waxing may have a temporary increase in hair growth following the first two or three treatments as the body is reacting to the waxing by resetting the anagen phase of dormant papilla cells. The waxing has synchronized more hair follicles to enter the anagen phase at the same time resulting in the appearance of more hair growth. However this is only temporary and in fact allows for increased Depilar System™ efficacy during the subsequent treatments and more visible results as more follicles in the anagen phase means more hair is targeted and affected during the subsequent treatments. 

                                                                                 HAIR GROWTH PHASES  

                                      LASER HAIR REMOVAL

Popular treatment areas:

Axils (armpits)
Anagen phase approx: 30%
Telogen phase approx: 70%
Treatment interval approx: 5-8 weeks

Anagen phase approx: 20%
Telogen phase approx: 80%
Treatment interval approx: 5-6 weeks

Bikini line/Brazilian
Anagen phase approx: 30%
Telogen phase approx: 70%
Treatment interval approx: 5-6 weeks

Back & chest
Anagen phase approx: 15%
Telogen phase approx: 85%
Treatment interval approx: 6 weeks
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How do I prepare for a  Hair Removal treatment?
There is no a special preparation for a Depilar System Hair removal. except of being clean and a cream or an antiperspirant free. This is also needed for your alser Hair Removal treatment.
Before your Laser Hair Removal Treatment, you need to either shave or use depilatory cream on the area you want treated 2/3 days before you come in or you can trim the area on the day of the treatment. This will assist in making the treatment less painful and more effective. You must also have no sun, solarium or fake tan on the area 2 weeks before your treatment.

What to expect

Successive and regular Depilar System™ treatments are required over 16 to 24 months to completely treat all targeted hair through a complete 1-2 year hair growth cycle. After each successive treatment re-growth time for remaining hair will be longer and the hairs finer and easier to remove. A noticeable decrease in hair growth will be visible after the fourth treatment. Note that clients may have a temporary increase in hair growth following the first treatments as the body is reacting to the treatment. This will allow for increased efficacy during the subsequent treatments and even more visible results.

Depending on target area, hair growth cycles, and hereditary hair traits the timeline for individual results may vary. Not all hair cells are active at the same time and Depilar System only treats hair that is visible at the time of treatment. Dormant hair follicles can be treated when they become visible and are again active in the anagen phase.

To properly treat all hair follicles with the Depilar System™ 4-week intervals between treatments are recommended for treatments on the face and 5-6-week intervals for treatments on the body.

After your Laser Hair Removal Treatment, you must have no sun exposure for 14 days after the treatment. It can take 2 weeks for the hair to fall out completely and many clients find an exfoliation very helpful.

How many Laser Hair Removal treatments will I need? This depends on the area being treated, hair colour and can be influenced by sex, age and hormones. Studies show an average hair loss of approximately 80% after 2-3 treatments. Treatments are conducted to be 6 to 8 weeks apart. We recommend 4-6 treatments to complete the course.

Note that certain factors can cause new future hair growth – hormonal changes, during pregnancy or menopause, as well as use of certain pharmaceuticals such as HRT and genetic predispositions for future hair growth due to the aging process – and may require additional treatments.
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Who can be treated?

Clients of all skin colours and all hair colours (not just grey) can be treated with Diode Laser Hair Removal System except a photosensitive people.

Anyone can be treated with the Depilar System! Men or women of all ages, skin type or color, or hair color or thickness – all can be treated assuming they have no counter-indication to waxing. The Depilar System™ uses natural enzymes and has been tested for adverse effects on human beings and no adverse effects were found.

For maximum results the Depilar System™ is used in conjunction with waxing, sugaring, threading or tweezing where the hair is removed by the root. When waxing, the hair must be at least ¼ inch (6mm) in length to ensure the hair is removed by the root, and the follicles are left empty enabling the Depilar System™ enzyme-based gels to enter the empty follicles and break down the cells responsible for hair growth.

The Depilar System™ has not been tested on animals.
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Imagine  Hair  Free  Luxury...
In Lipoderm Clinic we provide two latest  Permanent Hair Removal techniques
using Diode Laser 808 effective on all Skin Colours and all Hair Types and Colours except grey hair colour and Depilar System effective on all Skin and Hair Colour including grey hair
and on photosensitive skin where a laser therapy can't be used.
Lipoderm Clinic offers the most affordable and experienced permanent hair removal service in Australia.
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Eyebrows (Depilar System only)                      $ 49
Lip                                                                        $ 49
Chin                                                                      $ 49
Neck                                                                     $ 49
Full  Face without. Eyebrows                            $ 79
Underarms                                                           $ 49
Feet and Toes                                                     $ 49
Hands and Fingers                                             $ 49
Bikini line                                                             $ 49
Female Brazilian                                                 $ 79
Female Tummy                                                    $ 49
Half Arm                                                               $ 79
Full Arm                                                                $ 99
Half Leg                                                              $129
Full Leg                                                               $199
Male only:
Chest                                                                    $ 79
Stomach                                                               $ 79
Quarter Back                                                       $ 59
Half Back                                                             $ 79
Full Back                                                            $ 149
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