Do you have trouble losing unwanted fat deposits such as cellulite, fat around your waist, your arms, the buttocks, the thighs, the abdomen, male breasts, the legs and around your chin, despite dieting and exercise? Lipoderm Clinic's non-invasive liposuction procedures will shape your body in the way you desire without any pain or surgery.

this revolutionary technology uses power of 635nm laser to safely penetrate skin and biostimulate the fat cells membranes causing fat cells to relieve theirs content. One treatment is 20 min and patient can loose about a cup of fat. The laser also stimulates a collagen production in the skin


                                                            CAVITATION  treatment in Lipoderm Clinic.


it is a clinically proven procedure that eliminates fat cells using ultrasonic technology - and fat will not return. The treatment breaks down fatty tissue without affecting the surrounding body area. Immediately following the treatment, the destroyed fat begins to be removed naturally via the body’s lymphatic and metabolic pathways. The treatments are safe with no adverse effects. Lipoderm Clinics will use latest FOCUSED ULTRASONIC LOW FREQUENCY TECHNOLOGY, which is able to destroy the fat cells permanently, not alike high frequency commonly used in beauty salons.

On average, a reduction of 2 cm to 6 cm of circumferential measurement per treatment is expected. Multiple treatments deliver incremental reduction.
The number of treatments required varies according to the client’s requirements and the amount of fat to be removed but we recommend six to twelve treatments per treated area with one or two treatments per week.

No injections, no incisions, no surgery, no bruises, no anaesthesia, no pain.

Selectively targets cellulite and fat cells only.

Compared to other treatments for cellulite and fat removal, our treatment is inexpensive.

                                              There is no pain  or  downtime  involved,  just  relaxing  lunchtime treatment.

uses a combination of Radio Frequency Heating Energy + Laser Energy + Vacuum to shrink the fat cells and firm the skin. Power Shape treatment can be provided up to 2 hours for full body slimming and skin firming.

                                                                          before                                                 after three treatments 
                                                                                                                                           loss 11.5 cm

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Non - Invasive  LIPOSUCTION 



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Which Treatment is best?
All technologies used in Lipoderm Clinic are best. Our therapist will recommend you a suitable treatment to achive best results for your personal needs.

What is Ultrasound Fat Cavitation?
Ultrasound Fat cavitation is an innovative revolutionary fat removal procedure using targeted Ultrasound waves that liquifies fat cells and allows them to be removed via the lymphatic system

Is it Safe?
All our treatments are entirely non-intrusive. It does NOT involve surgery, there is no need for anaesthesia or time off work. It is safe, it is using Ultrasound waves, Laser energy and Radiofrequency heat that specifically break down fat cells only and moves that fat out of the body quickly.

How long does it take to get results?
All our slimming treatments provides instant measurable results. Results are between 2-6 cm each session. 

How do I get the BEST results?
Result is instant, you usually see results after just one session. We suggest 
6 -12 treatments spaced at least 3 days apart and combined with plenty of water the day before, the day of and the day after treatment. A sensible diet and regular exercise you will assist to achieve the best

How many areas can I target?
We recommend focussing on one area at a time for best results, which is why our 6 or 12 treatment packages allow you to have at least a few sessions in each area for optimum results. It is better to book a separate treatment for each area. Areas to treat include – Waist, Buttocks, Outer /Inner thighs, Arms, Chest, Back, Male chest and Chin. Power Shape can treat all body.

Is this a new technology?
Fat Cavitation is a very innovative technology however it is based on many years of the application of safe ultrasound practice in medicine and has just been refined to target fat cells more specifically. Our machines are the best available in the world that combine ultrasonic fat cavitation, laser and radio frequency therapy to ensure optimum results. The Low frequency Ultrasound unique to our machines at Lipoderm Clinic is why we achieve the best results in the industry !

Is my Privacy respected?
Your details and your treatments are completely private and we consider you as our valued customer. The only information we gather is to assist with the outstanding customer service that we aim to provide. Your details are not shared with anyone.