by Lipoderm Clinic

using latest ultrasonic  10D HIFU painless technology

Wrinkles...lines.... saggy jowl... and you can't help thinking about how to slow down this inevitable aging process. 
Plastic surgery - not the answer for you?  We generally like the final product, we're just not thrilled about the whole surgery part. Have you tried every so called ‘miracle cream’ on the shelf but still have unsightly lines and wrinkles that have you looking old before your time? Maybe it’s time to reverse the aging process and turn back the clock on your skins age and appearance. With major advancements in latest ultrasonic 10D HIHU being made, defying gravity is now possible.
That's just what 10D HIFU Vmax Lift promises. It's the latest trend. It is an effective non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment. This state of art treatment has literally taken the aesthetic world by storm. So much so, celebrity A-listers and cosmetic surgeons alike are hailing its effectiveness. This really is the secret to flawless and youthful looking skin that celebrities would rather keep secret.

10D HIFU Lift - an alternative solution to surgery for uplifted and rejuvenated skin has been highly anticipated by those wishing to maintain youthful looks. Now, at long last, there is no need to resort to botox injections, fillers or more severe surgical intervention. With this modern breakthrough being made in non-surgical face lifting technology, we can now offer in Lipoderm Clinic our clients a very effective and safe alternative to a surgery.

10D HIFU  Lift can be performed to improve muscle tone in the face and neck, lift jowls and eyebrows, reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. 10D HIFU Lift harnesses the power of Ultrasound to stimulate collagen bundles within the deep support layers of the skin. This causes old collagen to reform and new collagen to develop. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced and the skin appears lifted, toned and tightened resulting in a more youthful, beautiful you.

10D HIFU Lift involves no scalpels, no needles and there are no lasting side effects to mention. Furthermore, there is absolutely no downtime associated with this revolutionary treatment so clients undergoing the procedure may return to their normal everyday activities immediately after treatment. The ideal candidate for 710D HIFU  Lift is someone with the early signs of loose, sagging, wrinkled or even sun damaged skin. We also observed great results on very aged and sun damaged skin of clients in their sixties and seventies and also improvement of enlarged pores.

One to five treatment  is recommended for maximum results, depends on the condition of the skin. Results can last up to 1-2 year.

Pricelist for 10D HIFU  Vmax Lift                                          1 treatment      

Eye Lift                                                                                                  $820                    
Chin & Jawline Lift                                                                              $1200
Full Face Lift                                                                                        $1580                         
Full Face and  Neck and Lift                                                             $2250                     

You get a customized home skincare (cleanser, serum, day and night creams and sun block) with Full Face and Neck Lift  
                                &  friends that are green with envy at your lifted face and gorgeous glowing skin. 

                                                                                                                       Ultrasound targets the precious depth 

How does 10D HIFU  Lift work?

10D HIFU Lift utilizes the body’s own natural wound healing processes to lift, tone and tighten loose or wrinkled skin by encouraging the growth and formation of new collagen at all skin layers. It does this with the use of focused acoustic energy to create thermal coagulation at each layer. This includes all support layers of the skin (dermis, subdermis and even the SMAS).
Even the very deepest support layers of the skin operated on by a surgeon when performing a surgical facelift are stimulated. In the weeks that follow treatment, the treated area appears lifted, firmer and toned while fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced.


Improves muscle tone. 

Increases circulation, tightens the skin naturally. Stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and cellular metabolism. 

Enhances the skin’s own ability to heal, and looks more natural then surgical face lift. 

Clients who have already had a surgical facelift greatly benefit from facial rejuvenation treatments ( Skin will be healthier, facelift will last longer ). 

Facial rejuvenation treats the blood stasis, scarring, and potential numbness and pain of surgical facelifts, even years later. 

Do 7D HIFU Vmax Lift treatments work?

The technology has been thoroughly tested and results have been very impressive.

Clinical studies have shown that after sixty days of treatment collagen production increases by 42 percent, elastin increases by 48 percent, and blood circulation increases by 38 percent. All of which – it goes without saying – is great news for your skin.

Scientists have also found that 10D HIFU lift triggers the body’s production of amino acids and ATP (cellular energy). Both of these increase the rate of cell repair and promote healthier cell production.

10D HIFU Lift offers a genuine scar free alternative to facial surgery. There’s no need for an anaesthetic,  no unpleasant side effects and no down time.

Clients can expect to achieve a visible reduction in fine lines and wrinkles while also noticing an overall lifting and tightening effect as the skin becomes more toned and plump. This is a direct result of new collagen formation beneath the skin. Unfortunately, we continue to age so achieved results do deteriorate over time. That being said, at 1-2 years, the results are considered to be long lasting. We recommend one single follow up treatment every 6-12 months for those wishing to retain their more youthful appearance. There is no guarantee of specific results and results will vary from person to person.

Advantages of   10D HIFU Lift

Apart from the lower cost, lack of downtime, and pain there are other advantages compared with conventional plastic surgery. 

Our ultrasonic system works on both the appearance of the skin and the strength of the supporting muscle tissue underneath the skin. Plastic surgery on the other hand does nothing to improve the condition of your skin.

10D HIFU Lift also increases lymphatic drainage which means reduced facial puffiness and eye bags as well as a brighter more radiant complexion. Skin tone is improved, overall radiance is boosted and scar tissue and age spots may gradually fade.

Reviews of  10D HIFU Lift​

Many women and men who use  10D HIFU Lift as an anti aging treatment go for a regular treatments every 6-12 months and express positive views about what it does for them. 
If you have a lot of loose skin and facial sag then 10D HIFU Lift by itself will not deliver instant transformational results. Like any so called non surgical face lift our 10D HIFU Lift will deliver a moderate lifting and firming results over time – rather than the immediate impact you are likely to get from facial surgery.
In Lipoderm Clinic we combine the 10D HIFU Lift with other treatments like our own Signature Peel and Bio Light treatments to deliver most effective results of skin rejuvenation, this will be discussed on your consultation prior to the treatment.

How many 10D HIFU Lift treatments do you need?

To achieve the ultimate benefits, you'll need 1-5 treatments 1-6 months apart, although there are quite a lot of claims for immediate results after just one treatment from many happy customers. 

The exact number you need will depends on your skin tissue and muscle tone at the time you start – not necessarily on your age.

10D HIFU Lift is definitely worth considering as an alternative to facial surgery if you want skin rejuvenation without any downtime and at an affordable cost.​

                                           BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS

                     all after  photos are taken immediately one treatment only 

After treatment                                                   Before treatment