x-sculpt X-Sculpt

the world’s latest 
non-invasive procedure 
that can burn fat cells & build muscle 
at the same time!​


The revolutionary procedure is changing the game for men and women who desire tighter buttocks and toned abs without intensive exercise. 
X-Sculpt has been thoroughly tested by professionals in 13 clinical studies to prove its safety and efficiency at slimming the stomach and lifting the buttocks.

X-Sculpt allows you to achieve noticeable improvements to the shape and tone of your body without surgery and over the course of just four treatment sessions!
build muscle
burn fat 
without sweat

X-Sculpt is specially designed to transform your body in two key ways: by burning fat and by building muscle. The treatment is ideal for candidates who want to remove a small amount of fat in areas like their legs and arms, buttocks or abdomen, while simultaneously toning their muscles.

Studies into the effectiveness of X-Sculpt have revealed that clients can see 16% increase in muscle mass and 19% reduction in fat on average after 4 treatments within 2 weeks – that’s a massive improvement considering around 35% of the body is made up of muscles!

With X-Sculpt, you can achieve a reduction in fat and an increase in muscle across many areas of your body. If you want to slim and tighten your stomach, lift your butt and tone your legs or improve arm or ab muscle definition, then X-Sculpt can help you.

No matter which area of your body you want to tone and trim to achieve your desired body transformation, our therapist will help you to devise the safest, fastest and most effective plan to meet your goals.


Between the amazing results seen in clinical studies and the influx of awards, it’s clear that X-Sculpt is an effective and popular procedure to contour the body – but just how does it achieve such spectacular results?

The secret to the success of lies in the device’s ability to induce supramaximal muscle contractions. 
These powerful contractions cause the muscles to contract beyond what they normally would during exercise.

During the procedure, electromagnetic energy is focused on the treatment area, inducing thousands of contractions over the course of the session. As the muscles begin to adapt to the conditions, the inner structure of the muscle changes; the treatment eliminates fat and builds and strengthens muscles.

Essentially, X-Sculpt treatment is like taking part in a 30-minute, super intensive exercise routine, without moving!

It is clinically proven that X-Sculpt also can restore split muscles in the abdomen.

What Do I Need to Know?

Is X-Sculpt the right treatment to achieve your cosmetic goals? Here are some of the most important things to know about X-Sculpt treatment and what it could mean for your body.

Perfect for Men and Women

X-Sculpt is ideal for both men and women who want to tighten their stomachs, lift their butt, sculpt their arms or improve the definition of their abs – almost anyone is the perfect candidate for X-Sculpt! Please get in touch with Lipoderm Clinic today to see whether you’re a suitable candidate for X-Sculpt and to discover more about how the treatment can benefit you.

Fast Treatment

With treatment sessions for X-Sculpt lasting just 30 minutes, you can tone and shape your body with X-Sculpt even if you have a busy schedule! Depending on the results you desire, you’ll need at least 4 sessions, which your therapist will schedule every 2 to 4 days. X-Sculpt really is a quick fix to burn stubborn fat and improve the shape of your body!

Straightforward Procedure

If you’ve ever been to the gym for an intensive workout, then you’ll already be accustomed to the sensations of the X-Sculpt procedure. As your body is put through its paces during the treatment session, all you’ll need to do is lay down and enjoy a relaxing 30 minutes.

Immediate Results

Not only will you see tangible results immediately after your first X-Sculpt treatment, but in the weeks following the final procedure the results will become even more noticeable.

No Downtime

If you want to reduce fat and improve definition without taking time off work or missing out on your favorite activities, then X-Sculpt is the procedure for you. As a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure, there’s absolutely no downtime after a X-Sculpt treatment session! After each session you’ll be free to carry on with your day like normal.

X-Sculpt Treatment Sessions at Lipoderm Clinic
If you’re fascinated by the idea of improving the shape of your body without intensive exercise, then don’t wait a moment longer to learn more about X-Sculpt treatment.

For men and women who want to increase the size of their muscles and slim down areas of stubborn fat, 
X-Sculpt is the cosmetic treatment to try!


1 treatment        30 min          (suitable for 1 body part)        $250
1 treatment        60 min          (suitable for 2 body parts)      $400
4 treatments      30 min ea     (suitable for 1 body part)        $800
4 treatments      60 min ea     (suitable for 2 body parts)     $1200