Most of people respond better to Swiss Apple Peels than to glycolic peels. Swiss Apple Peels use the enzyme of the apples to exfoliate and introduce vitamins and nutrients into the skin. In most of cases, Swiss Apple Peels result in immediate clarity and smoothness in the skin. People with sensitive skin and acne benefit from the Swiss Apple Peel because it is less intrusive than a glycolic peel. It is full of  vitamin C and A, which helps to stimulate circulation and promote healing. Swiss Apple Peels are more successful at surface retexturizing; also they reduce hyper pigmentation.

Benefits of  Swiss Apple Peel

There is no down time with the Swiss Apple Peel and the treatment is not as harsh on sensitive skin as a glycolic peel. 
The Swiss Apple Peel treatment costs a little less than a glycolic peel treatment. 
The number of treatments depends on skin type and the goals of client. 
We recommend 4 to 6 treatments one or two weeks apart for best long lasting benefits. 
For a maximum benefits we recommend a BIO Light Photorejuvenation and a Serum Infusion after the Swiss Apple Peel to restore skin’s normal, healthy activity and bring the nutrients  into deepest layers of the skin for new skin regrowth.


Before treatment
After just one Swiss Apple Peel with BIO Light Photorejuvenation and Collagen Serum Infusion
Before                                                      After  4 Swiss Apple Peels with BIO Light                                                                                                Photorejuvenation and Anti Acne Serum Infusion

Swiss Apple Peel with Collagen Serum or Anti Acne Serum                                                                                       $ 145

Swiss Apple Peel with Collagen or Anti Acne Serum and Electroporation Infusion                                                 $ 165

Swiss Apple Peel with Bio Light Photo Rejuvenation and Collagen or Anti Acne Serum                                        $ 185
and Electroporation Infusion  

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Before                                      After  3 Swiss Apple Peels with BIO  Light                                                                           Photorejuvenation and Anti Acne Serum Infusion

What is a BIO LIGHT  Photorejuvenation ? 
It is a technology based skin treatment that uses specific wavelengths of natural light energy to restore skin’s normal, healthy activity.

Red Bio Light stimulates new collagen regrowth and promotes wound healing and human tissue growth.

Blue Bio Light treats acne. It kills bacteria, eliminates excessive oil production and soothes inflamed skin.

Purple Bio Light eliminates rosacea and strengthen capillaries.

Green Bio Light helps to reduce melanin overproduction - it is ideal to treat a hyper pigmentation.

We recommend Swiss Apple Peel followed by Bio Light Photo Rejuvenation for maximum results.


Electroporation is an effective treatment method for deep transdermal penetration of the nutrient solution regardless of the unit dose for skin calming effect along with skin synthesys control while whitening and rejuvenation is all achived at the same time making it truly the "Smart Skin Care" system. Moreover, it promotes skin regeneration with increased elastin. Electroporation is also greatly effective towards dull looking and acne scared skin.

Without damage to the cellular skin structure, micro-current creates a temporary opening on the skin for penetration of nourishing ampoules into deepest layers of the skin.

Electroporation infusion is best to achive maximum results.

Swiss  Apple  Peel